Monday, October 1, 2007

Leaving Port

I come from a musical family, although none of us play an instrument.

I'm mostly Irish, and a love of language seems programmed genetically for me (and my children as well, I'm discovering). My father was taciturn, but he would come to life when playing a record or watching a variety show on TV. It was quite a spectacle to admire his smile and observe him reaching out to our mother for a twirl. What was this strange power that a song had?

As a baby, I could be quieted by singing a popular song of the day--"True Love" by Cole Porter (from the movie "High Society.") I can't hear or sing that song now without getting teary.

I'm glad my wife pushed me to blog. I need a vehicle for pouring out all my thoughts about songwriting and music in general. I know a lot of music and I sing a lot, so lyrics are always in my head, and I'm always admiring a muscular melody or a memorable turn of phrase.

I'm also pleased that the name of my blog turned out to swiped from a title of a Loudon Wainwright III CD. Great songwriters like Loudo are rare (although there are many very good ones). I'll be sharing with you why I love his work, as well as the songs of Randy Newman, Don McLean, Paula Cole, Nellie McKay, Joni al. And let's not forget the masters, who you should always refer back to--Berlin, Porter, Gershwin, Kern, et al.

I'm obsessed with good singing too, so expect many posts on singers that I admire.

Oh, it will be pleasant cruise! Recline in your deck chair, close your eyes, and let your thoughts curl around a well-written and well-delivered lyric. I promise I'll post links so that you can see and hear what I mean when I write about my heroes. Bye for now!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jeff. Martha and I had dinner with Jim and Jack and told a few Jeff stories. See you at the Cubs vs. Red Sox World Series.

Jeff Gyr said...

Hey Jeff--

Jeff here. Happy Birthday and happy blogging. I love the "early morning" music musings...why let the night owls corner the market on music?

MP said...

This is the best gift anyone could have given you.

Thanks, Lisa, for knowing Jeff so well.

Happy blogging . . .