Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Jeff!

This is Jeff's wife, Lisa, writing the first post of this blog. I set up the blog for Jeff's birthday. His passion is music, and he's a great writer—able to analyze and synthesize his thoughts more clearly than most people I know. He thinks a lot about the music he listens to, and I believe his thoughts are worth sharing with other like-minded music fans. So I'm hoping that in those early morning hours, when he has the quiet house to himself, he'll be compelled to write a paragraph or two about the music he's been mulling over.
Now I better start thinking about a cake. I doubt he'll want a "Starry Night" cake or an "Army" cake, which is what our summer babies each had this year, but perhaps I'd better do something to go with the music theme. A round cake is easy—LP or CD—but how do you do a cake as a download?