Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Jeff!

This is Jeff's wife, Lisa, writing the first post of this blog. I set up the blog for Jeff's birthday. His passion is music, and he's a great writer—able to analyze and synthesize his thoughts more clearly than most people I know. He thinks a lot about the music he listens to, and I believe his thoughts are worth sharing with other like-minded music fans. So I'm hoping that in those early morning hours, when he has the quiet house to himself, he'll be compelled to write a paragraph or two about the music he's been mulling over.
Now I better start thinking about a cake. I doubt he'll want a "Starry Night" cake or an "Army" cake, which is what our summer babies each had this year, but perhaps I'd better do something to go with the music theme. A round cake is easy—LP or CD—but how do you do a cake as a download?


Anonymous said...

Happy, happy birthday, Jeff. I hope you'll write in this blog regularly and that you'll be open to questions about new albums and recommendations for new and old ones. Tell us what kind of cake Lisa manages.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jeff! What a great gift, Lisa! You can count on us to check this out. Happy Writing, Jeff-
Love, Tim, Sue and Amy

BT3 said...


Happy B-day dude (NOT bidet)
and welcome to the blogosphere!

What a thoughtful giftie Lisa came up with! Hope you enjoy blogging as much as I do.