Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pictures of Frank

It's 11 years and counting since he's gone, and we still miss him. And yet, as Tony Bennett writes in the introduction to Remembering Sinatra, "(He) leaves behind a legacy of music, a legacy that will live forever." Frank is always with us. Listen for him as you go about your day. He is ambient--at work, at bookstores, at coffeeshops and jazz clubs.

This book is a lovely photographic work from Life magazine. I have an appreciable collection of books about my hero, but this work had many new ones, plus it has nice long captions that get you engaged with the subject.

Images of Sinatra boozing it up with Joe E. Lewis, Jackie Gleason, and Natalie Wood. Sinatra underneath his chair on the floor, shaking with laughter. A spread where he's peering back at then-girlfriend Juliet Prowse. ("It's so nice to have a Prowse around the house," I recall him saying at the time.) There's even a spread of a 1944 issue of Junior Miss, featuring the life story of our bow-tied protagonist up till that time.

And yes, there's the September through December of his years. Frank with the elfin Mia Farrow. Then the period I'm not crazy about. The conversion to the Republican Party brings us images of Frank with Nancy and Ronnie. Thank goodness this constitutes a small part of the text.

Put on your favorite Sinatra album and enjoy this phenomenal work, published on the tenth anniversary of his passing!

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