Saturday, January 17, 2009

The BBC and Me

When Lisa was setting up this blog for me, she made reference to my "early morning musings on music." As the Brits would say, this remark is spot on. Every work day (and often daily) I'm wide awake by 4:30 am. I'm a schoolteacher and a morning person, so my anxieties/anticipation/excitement kick into gear as I shower and shave and listen to the BBC.

Oh, how I used to mock this feed from PRI ("Public Radio International") which streams throughout the night on a local public radio station here in Boston. I'd launch into my British accent as I listened to their correspondent. Then I'd reach for my tuner or simply shut the radio off.

But several years ago I turned the corner, and now this station is like oxygen to me. When I wake up very early--or when insomnia has me up at odd hours--I often think, "Oh good, I can listen to some of the BBC." Yes, you'll still hear me crow gleefully "Good show!" in my mock accent after a segment, but I haven't turned my dial!

One of my favorites is a show called "The Strand." This half-hour segment whistles through 4-5 arts and entertainment with such depth that, as you listen, you're inwardly weeping over the vacuousness of American popular media coverage.

I share with you today a link to some top ten music lists for 2008-2009 that the BBC has put together. Enjoy listening!

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Anonymous said...

If you like "The Strand," you should check out "Studio 360" which is, in my opinion, the best American arts & culture show out there.